Christmas Part: 1


Currently its 10:03 A.M. on a Monday. Yes I should be in school, and yes, I should be taking my French test at this very moment, brutally pulling out my glossy hair over the few vocabulary words I don’t know. Instead, I’m at home sick and miserable, with rashes all over me. I’m drowsing off as the benedryl starts to kick in, and slowly my nails in Essie’s Beyond Cozy start to double, and I’m a monster with twenty fingers. No words can describe the disgust I have for myself, I look so ugly.



Yes, I’m doing a Christmas post in March, I’ve had so much in my life going on right now, I’ve had huge performances tons of soccer games, and it was just too much. I’m back now, so expect more posts!


Block Estate

Massie’s Bedroom

9: 10 A.M.

I jumped out of bed quickly scaring Bean. She scurried off the bed and started running downstairs to her food bowl. I scooped her up so we could look outside the window. No snow, what happened to a white Christmas? I quickly shook the feeling away, no way was I going to let something like the weather bring my Christmas down. I tromped down the stairs with Bean jogging right behind me, in her cute Christmas sweater.

I run in the kitchen, not looking at the tree, I wanted to be surprised at what I saw. 

“Merry Christmas!” I said cheerfully.

“Merry Christmas Pumpkin.” my dad said to me calmly. They took their coffee into the Living Room, while I gathered Bean and my peppermint hot chocolate in. I take a sip of my annual hot chocolate, not caring that I had just burnt my tongue. I turned around to my dad with my eyes pleadingly asking to open presents.

“Start” He said, giving me a small wink.

I turned around and started ripping open present by present. Only then when all the presents were opened, did we look at them.

After presents I excused myself to my room, it was time to set up the rest of the day with the PC.

Massiekur has signed on at 10: 39 A.M.

Massiekur: Merry Christmas girlies!

Holagurl: Hey Mass! U 2!

Clairebear: Mass, ? R U doing? I can C U from my window!

Massiekur: Huh? I’m talking to U!

Clairebear: I just saw a shadow

Massiekur: BRB

Massiekur has signed off at 10:43 A.M.

I snap my head around and see Todd scamper around the room. 

“TODD!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!!” I scream a little too loudly.

“Lighten up! Where is your Christmas spirit?” He asks. I can hear the fear in his voice.

“Where is my Christmas spirit? Its a little stuck on my shoe, and in a second, its going to be stuffed up your butt! NOW SCRAM!” 

He quickly scampers out and I return to my computer.

Massiekur has signed on 10:56 A.M,

Clairebear: ? was that?

Massiekur: Ur annoying little brother!

Clairebear: OMG Mass! I’m so srry!

Holagurl: U Shuld rlly watch ur brother a little better Claire!

Massiekur: Whatever, the little perv is gone. 

Sexysportsbabe has signed on at 10:59 A.M.

Sexysportsbabe: Hey guys! Merry Christmas!

Clairebear: Hi Kris!

Massiekur: Hey!

Holagurl: Hola mi amiga!

Massiekur: Any1 heard from Dyl?

Clairebear: Nope

Massiekur: Huh, whatever, I’ll txt her l8er. B @ my house @ 12:00 sharp, no xceptions.

Holagurl: Done


Clairebear: Done

Massiekur: and Done.

Massiekur has signed off 11:06 A.M.



Block Estate

Massie’s Bedroom

11:50 A.M.

I stepped out of the shower into the aroma of sugar cookies and vanilla frosting. The PC was due to the estate in 10 minutes, and I still hadn’t dressed and done my makeup and hair. I quickly threw on my backup outfit when I never had time to put an outfit together the day before, and sat at my vanity and swiped my makeup on. 


Block Estate 


12:00 P.M.

I walked into the kitchen looking for a snack when I heard the chime of the door bell. Inez started to get up, doing her everyday job to open the door.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” I say sweetly with a smile. I was in the holiday spirit and felt like doing something nice, even if it was small. 

I opened the doors to see the PC standing there. With Ruldolph noses, and rose red cheeks. I ushered them in from the freezing cold, and led them up to my room. It was gift exchanging time. 

2012 was Claire’s first PCC. Private Caroling Christmas. It was when we belted out to Christmas songs, while we gift exchanged. We set a twenty dollar limit because of Claire and Kristen, but it was okay, its the thought that counts, right?

“Strap on your skates girls, we’re going ice skating!” I announced in my alpha voice.

“Isacc will drive you all home, and pick you up and bring you to the ice skating rink! Oh, and BTW, I have surprises there waiting for you!”

The girls squeal in excitement as I casually walk over to Dylan. She’s sitting by the food table, just sitting, not eating, burping or farting.

“Dyl, whats wrong? You’ve been acting gloomy since you got here!” I say trying to be sympathetic and commanding at the same time.

“You’re wrong, I’ve been gloomy all day!” Dylan cries sounding miserable. 

I take a quick peak up to see what the other girls are focusing on. They keep on talking about the surprise.

“Well then you have to tell me Dylan! You can’t keep a secret forever!” I snap.

Dylan quickly stands up to her full size, and I jump back alarmed, Dylan was taller than me.

“You want to know what happened?! I saw Chris hanging out with Olivia yesterday at Starbucks, holding hands! Now, what do you expect me to do about that?!” Dylan slouches down back in her seat sobbing.

I can feel the girls eyes staring at me and Dylan, and I give them the hand motion to stay back.

“What do I expect you to do? I expect you to get revenge.”

I grab Dylan’s arm and stand her up. Her raccoon eyes were not attractive, so the PC and I led her to the car, so she could go home and touch up her makeup.

While Isaac drove out of the driveway Claire pulled Massie aside.

“Hey Mass, um, well I don’t have any-”


“Yeah, could I borrow a pair?”

“No prob, go home get changed then come back and we can have lunch and I’ll get you a pair of skates. Oh, and we have to talk revenge.” I command. 

Usually I wouldn’t let Claire borrow my clothes, due to the fact that she was incapable of not ruining them. Today was different though, it was special.

I was glad to have Claire come over in her baby blue bubble jacket, and her gap jeans. Around Claire I was loose, knowing that Claire wouldn’t judge me if I let out a small insecurity. We walk up to my closet and I brought out a few pairs of skates that she might like.

“Take your pick.”  I said as she ran her hands over them in awe. She finally picked out a pair with pastel blue stripes on them, and we walked down stairs.

I ate my delish chicken caesar salad, while Claire ate her hamburger and fries, with a side of gummies. 

“So, what is this revenge plan?” She asked, trying to sound nonchalant, but I saw right through her.

“We’re going after Chris, I was thinking injury, or embarrassment, or, break with Olivia.”

Claire eagerly nodded at the last idea, and so our plan was hatched.

Au Revoir,

My Little Darlings.

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Camping Trip: Part 4

Camping Trip

Currently I’m about to go to sleep, and its 11:07, 7 minutes past lights out, and I rejoice at our last day/night here. I shudder at the thought of what happened today, the shivers wrap me up like a boa constrictor, squeezing the life out of a lion, but the lion, always comes on top. Today, surprisingly, that lion was Alicia, and I couldn’t be prouder. I watch my fingers type in Essie’s Below the Belt, and feeling tired, I hope I can end this post soon.

Tukasaka Lake

Girls Cabin

7:03 A.M.

I roll uncomfortably in the stiff mattress that my massaged-every-week spine had to suffer with through the night. I hear my advisor walk from bed to bed, waking people up. I roll my head under the pillow. I hear Claire obediently get up and shuffle on the cold wood floor to her closet. I feel someone pat the end of my bed, but I pretend it didn’t happen. I can smell the strong odor of coffee surround me, and I know my advisor is the one patting me. She taps me gently, then harder, like a crescendo in an orchestra. I slowly rise from my bed, and take my sleeping mask off and stare at my advisor.

“Are you a belt?”

“What, of course not. I’m your advisor!”

“Then why are you spanking me?”

I hear the half asleep girls let out little gurgles, which I assumed were stifled laughs. I smirk at the angry already dressed advisor storm out of the cabin, letting the squeaky rustic door slam behind her.

I slide to the end of my bed and glide my fuzzy slippers on to my smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt feet. I walk to my closet and grab my toiletries, and head to the bathroom that Alicia, Claire and I had claimed. We left the other girls to fit in the other smaller bathroom, but I knew they would’t complain.

I applied my makeup and got changed into my fab outfit. We walked outside together, giggling about our stupid advisor. We were told to walk out to the campfire again.

“Girls, today is going to be hard, you will work harder then you have worked in a long time. This is a lesson for you, you can survive without your credit cards, and your Vootoons.”

“It’s Vuitton!”

I heard a rebellious girl scream out. Everybody giggled, including me and the NCPC (Not Complete Pretty Committee)

We were split up into two groups, me and Claire, and then Alicia was in the other. 

“No fair! Why do you and Kuh-laire get to be together, and I have to be stuck with all these ah-noying LBRs!”

Alicia whined and stomped her foot. I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a sympathetic look, there were cons and pros about being with Claire. With Claire I could be myself, but sometimes Claire was just so clueless! We walked to what our advisor called the “low ropes course” and Claire and I stayed in the back of the line and gossiped the whole way there. 

We had been walking for a while now, and Claire and I were so far behind the rest of the group, we liked it, being exclusive. We started getting farther and farther away….and we after a while, we were lost, and off the trail. We weren’t scared, we knew the rest of the group would come looking for us. We just took a seat and patiently waited, while playing What Would You Rather. I hear a loud thump, and I jump and look behind me. What if a psycho murderer was out here? I scooted next to Claire and hugged her. I heard leaves being stomped on  all around me, someone was running, running fast around us. I felt claustrophobic, and suffocated. Suddenly a pair of knockoff boots jumped out behind me, but little did I know………it was Nina.

Everything else was a blur, hearing Claire scream, us being stuffed in bags. We were painfully dragged somewhere, and we had gone up steps, this person obviously not caring about our spinal cords. Wait, steps, we were in the girls cabin.

My mouth was duct taped shut, and I adjusted my eyes from the dark and musty bag, to the light of the cabin, and what I saw before me would scar me for life. Nina, Nina Call-Bitch!

We were stuffed in the closet, there for eternity. We sat there, hungry, thirsty and having the desperate need to pee. I never said goodbye, I haven’t even seen Dylan or Kristen yet, and Bean and Brownie, what about them? What about mom and dad? I brought my attention to Claire, who was thinking the same things as me, I could already see the tears welling up in her eyes. Oh, God, please dear God, don’t le-

Tukasaka Lake

Girls Cabin Closet

1:38 P.M.

The door was busted open. Alicia stood there, arms crossed, smiling at Nina, who was being taken away by two police men. Alicia hugged us, and I started crying, glad no LBRs were around to witness it. It felt good, too good to be true. 

Au Revoir,

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I am so sorry for not posting girlies! I’ve had a little bit or writers block, and a whole lot of drama going on in my life right now, at one point, I considered quitting, but I want to leave WP as something I can be proud of. Also, I am sorry to say I cannot keep my word with the posting schedule, so you will just be surprised! 🙂 Thank you so much everybody!

Camping Trip: Part 3

Camping Trip

My face is stuck in a grin as I type this, remembering what happened today, and being wrapped up in a hug by Alicia. Huddling by the fire was great, and the apple cider was amazing, and ahv-course the marshmallows. I watch my fingers in Essie’s Steel-ing The Scene type this and wonder why I chose such a dull and boring color when I feel so ecstatic. I make a mental note to change the color tonight to something more vibrant.

Tukaska Lake


11:00 A.M.

I was at the bonfire on time, although the fire wasn’t burning, I couldn’t wait to see it lit. I looked around for my teacher, and didn’t see her bull statuesque poses anywhere. It wasn’t fair. We were suppose to be here at 11:00 but she wasn’t? Unfair! 

Claire and I had walked around a bit waiting for the teacher and talked just about some recent things, it felt lovely to have her back, well, at least one of the PC members. We paced ourselves back to the bonfire, it wasn’t like our advisor was close. I heard the ah-noyying sound of Kuh-laire chewing on her Cammys (Cam’s gummys)

“Knock it off Kuh-laire, you look weird, like your chewing tobacco or something”

I heard Claire chew vigorously and swallow then stuff the rest of the crinkled and torn bag in the back pocket of her jeans. 

The sound of click-clacking heels made my ears perk up. It couldn’t be my advisor, she never wore heels, not like she would need it, she’s a giant. The noise became louder, and suddenly the smell of spicy vanilla and chocolate surrounded me. 

I looked at Claire excited, and she had that same twinkle in her eye, which I knew meant she was in on this too. I grabbed her hand and turned around with her.

There stood the exotic beauty Alicia, walking towards me and Claire, swinging her bag to gain momentum, and her face determined to get to us as fast as possible. I ran towards her and gave her the biggest hug I could. The PC was almost complete. Almost.

After the dull speech of our advisor I quickly skipped to our cabin. I quickly looked around for a bed near Claire and I, but I couldn’t find one that was empty. I targeted a bed with a knockoff version of my suitcase. I scraped that bag aside like the way Inez scraped the crust of my sandwiches. I just happened to spill out everything in it, oops. I ordered Alicia to sit on it, so people would no it was her territory, and she did, happily bouncing on it like she was at home, but I knew she was just bragging. Now I had Claire on my right, and Leesh on my left. Claire and Alicia gathered on my bed, to look at the latest issue of Vogue.

Tukasaka Lake

Camp Site

11:53 A.M.

A short and stout girl walked in, I don’t know her name so I call her red light, ‘cause her face always looked like a tomato, and she always stopped in the middle of her sentences. She walked over to her bed, and stared in disbelief, at all her stuff scattered on the ground, a couple girls snickered even though they didn’t know what happened, just glad it wasn’t them, and a couple stared at her with sympathy. 

“Whooo- Whooo-Whooo-Whooo!”

We all knew she was trying to ask who did this, but it was fun hearing her stop mid-sentence.

“Are you an owl?”

I tried to ask her like I was being sympathetic, but it was hard not to crack a smile. Behind me I heard Claire giggle and Alicia snicker.


“Then whats with all the Who-ing?

I heard the whole cabin let out little giggles, while I accepted high fives from Alicia and Claire.

“Oh, and by the way, thats Alicia’s bed.”

I gave her a smile and turned around to the girls. Alicia quickly hopped on her bed. Making it clear it was hers. I quickly changed into my jammies and went to sleep with Claire and Alicia whispering next to me. But I had no idea what the next day held.

Au Revoir,

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Camping Trip: Part 2

Camping Trip

My nails in Essie’s Secret Story happily type this, as my fingers dance across the keys. I feel happy, happier then I’ve been in a long time. This camping trip finally went well. My eyes move away from the stinging pain of staring at the screen to long, and let them soak in the warmth of the flickering fire beside me. 


Parking Lot

8:03 A.M.

I was finally at school, with my 1 huge Louis Vuitton suitcase, rolling behind me. My arms felt stiff, like lips that hadn’t been glossed in days. I worked through the physical pain and kept on walking. Finally there, I felt naked without the PC there. I shrugged it off, held my head high, and put on the best fake smile I could muster. I accepted the compliments on my outfit, and tried to give out compliments, but it was hard, when everyone was just copying my outfits from last week.

We all boarded the bus, and as I sat on the hard seat in the back, I looked around. The seats usually filled with Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Claire were instead filled with my giant suitcase, but instead of packed with funny inside jokes and giggles, it was just filled with my fab clothes, but that just wasn’t enough. I prayed for a miracle.

Tukasaka Lake 

Camp Site

9:47 A.M.

Eh-ma-cold! It was freezing! I jumped up and down while my feet throbbed inside my nude pink stilettos. God Alicia was right, I so should’ve brought some ankle booties! 

I lead the girls to our cabin, it was almost mansion-like. Except only one story. You never would have expected it was in the woods. There were fluffy carpets all along floor, and there were two bathrooms, back to back. A few single beds, and for the girls who weren’t fast runners, the bunk beds.

I quickly shuffled across the rugs as fast as I could, careful not to trip. I saw other girls gaining behind me, racing to catch the biggest single bed. 

“Girls, come back here!” 

I turned around and saw my advisors face tight and stern. I slowly walked back,  so I could be in the back of the crowd, closest to the bed. I pretended to listen to the boring speech while as quietly as I could unstrapping my stilettos, so I could outrun the other girls. I heard the last few sentence of her bland speech.

“You girls go explore and set up your stuff. I want to see you by the bonfire at 11:00 A.M, sharp!”

I flinched at the way my advisor said “sharp”. It told me that if I wasn’t there on time, there would be a consequence. I was always fashionably late. Always. 

I raced down and flung myself on the bed. I lay my purse on the bed, to mark my territory. Next stop, the closet. I knew Kristen would have gotten me the biggest, just as I would have instructed her, but she wasn’t here. Uhg, how am I going to survive these 2 days? 

I managed to get the biggest closet, but with sweat trickling down my forehead. I quickly ran to my makeup bag and blotted myself. No Alpha could look sweaty in front of her fans.

I had set up all my stuff. I was sitting on my bed, sprawled out from an exhausting 2 hour bus ride. I was reading the latest issue of NYLON, quickly skimming through the article of Gwen Stefani. Loved the bold lip, denim jacket is ah-dorable, but hate the black pants. I quickly reminded myself to buy a new lipstick in a hot fuchsia, and pick up a vintage looking denim jacket. I picked up my head, and realized my neck hurt from being bent over for so long. At the foot of my bed stood Claire, in her puffy blue jacket. I abandoned my queen bed, and ran over and gave her the biggest bear hug I could give. She hugged me back just as big.

“Claire! You’re here!”

I said, my smile still not fading, it didn’t matter that she hadn’t told me, and that this was the secret they were all keeping from me, but it was okay, it was a good, secret, and a great surprise. 

To Be Continued……..

Au Revoir,

My Little Darlings

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Contest: Entries and Poll


As many of you know, I am hosting a Fall Contest! Everyone who wanted to participate was to create a collection on Polyvore, with one fashion set, one interior design set and one set that reminds you of fall. So, here are all the entries:

Glitter Massie Block



1 (clothes)- http://www.polyvore.com/fall_collection/set?id=62471586

2 (clothes)- http://www.polyvore.com/fall_collection/set?id=62471758

3 (interior design)- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=62471691

Massie Block Luvs You


1 (clothes)http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_36/set?id=62958121&lid=2020884

2 (Starbucks) http://www.polyvore.com/something_that_reminds_me_fall/set?id=62957585&lid=2020884

3 (Clothes)http://www.polyvore.com/fall_outfit/set?id=62957175&lid=2020884

4 (Interior Design) http://www.polyvore.com/fall_collection/collection?id=2020884

Ivy Austrina

1 (This Fall) http://www.polyvore.com/this_year_fall/set?id=62695430&lid=2018056

2 (Interior Design) http://www.polyvore.com/bedroom_hers/set?id=62694946&lid=2018056

3 (Clothes) http://www.polyvore.com/big_game/set?id=62140508&lid=2018056

4 (Clothes) http://www.polyvore.com/fall-ing_for_autumn/set?id=60099489&lid=2018056

5 (Clothes) http://www.polyvore.com/wicked_witchs_kiss/set?id=61636645&lid=2018056


Contest: Fall Collection

Fall Is Here!

Fall in finally here, the season the fashion lovers look forward to year after year. Warm colors and fallen leaves surround us, while the smell of cider is in the air. You can hear the wood in the fire place crackling, as you roast a marshmallow to  a sweet golden brown.

Big News

Due to the success of my blog, and a new season, I decided to host a mini contest. I have had some help creating this idea, and I want to give a big shout-out to Malysia! Her blog is http://fashionablylayte.wordpress.com She has become an incredible friend of mine, and we have talked quite a bit. She has a wonderful fashion sense and I encourage you to go check her blog out! 

The Mini Contest Is……….


For those of you who don’t know what a collection is, it is something on polyvore.com. polyvore.com is a site where you can create sets of anything you want using images and such off the web. A collection is multiple sets to create one collection.


-You must have at least 3 sets in a collection

-At least one needs to be an interior design

-At least one has to be a fashion outfit

-At least one has to be something that reminds you of fall

-You can create as many as you like

-You must title it: Fall Collection

The Prizes:

1st Place Winner: A custom made header and background of your desire

5 shout-outs in total

2nd Place Winner: A custom made Header OR Background of your desire

3 shout-outs

3rd Place: EITHER a header or background of your desire, OR 3 shout-outs


How To Enter: 

E-mail me or comment down below your polyvore username and I will come check it out! Then on November 17 I will create a poll for everyone to vote! 

Good Luck!



Camping Trip: Part 1

 Camping Trip

My Essie polished fingers in Pillow Talk type this as I sit on the comfy booth in the kitchen, while I urgently wait for the new Gossip Girl to air. I take a break after an exhausting two days in an unheated cabin, ah-mazing s’mores and a day full of fun with the OCD girls. I have just finished unpacking, and decided to give myself a break.

The Block Estate

Massie’s Closet For Bags

7:49 A.M.

After I had taken my morning shower I walked over to my closet filled  with all my bags and suitcases. I pulled out my Louis Vuitton suitcase and opened it up to make sure all my stuff was in it. It was filled with:

2 Cashmere Sweaters (1 purple, 1 white)

-Flip Flops


-Sweatpants (Cute ones)



-Tank Top

-Under Garments

-Cell Phone (and charger)

-Ipod (and charger)


-Flashlight (and batteries)

-Feather Earrings






-Dry Shampoo


-Lip Balm


-Makeup Wipes

-Face Mask








-Nail Polish




-Curling Iron

-Bug Spray




-Hair Clips

-Hair Bands

I walked over to my intercom. I pressed the button and leaned in to speak.

“Inez, could you please bring my suitcase down? Oh, and also, do you have any more of those granola bars?”

“Of course Ms. Massie. I will bring it down. Yes, I will lay the bar out on the counter.”

“Thanks Inez.”

I walked downstairs while Bean trotted right beside me. I say on the couch and quickly IM’ed with Leesh.

Holagurl: Hey Mass! It’s been so long! R u ready 4 the camping trip?

Massiekur: Hey Leesh! Totes, so when r u coming back?

Holagurl: Soon, still have a couple of things to do………

Massiekur: Like?

Holagurl: Got to go! See ya Mass!

Holagurl has signed off at 7:55 A.M.

Massie ignored Alicia’s secret and decided to go down and drive to school. I know something is up, this just isn’t right…………

To Be Continued

Au Revoir,

My Little Darlings

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Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree

Right now I’m seated in the living room while the T.V. is on mute reading the subtitles to Americas Next Top Model. Usually I sit on the edge of the couch, crunching away on my new favorite snack, wasabi peas. Since I already saw this episode I lay back on the couch and let my Essie polished finger type away. I casually look at my nails coated in To Buy Or Not To Buy, a lovely lavender with a pop of shimmer.

The Block Estate

Massie’s Walk In Closet

11:47 A.M.

I take the clothes of my mannequin and start getting dressed. I was going fall shopping today, but the PC still wasn’t back! Massie was starting to get frustrated with them. How long did a stupid tan crisis take, just get a SPRAY ALREADY! Whatever, Massie would go alone, that would teach them not being back sooner. They would have no idea about all the latest trends. Massie checked for imperfections and headed out to the Westchester mall.

Range Rover

Front Seat

12:03 A.M.

Massie got to the mall, thanked Issac for the ride and jumped out to Starbucks. Massie ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Cinnamon Roll. Massie first headed to Urban Outfitters first, to pick up some new things. She glanced at a lovely hanger that said Bonjour to hang on her door. Massie was waiting in line when she saw her nails were chipping, she needed a new one. Massie looked around her at the tables filled with beauty products. A shine of silver caught her eye. She reached over as far as she could to reach it, and make sure she was still in line. It was a lovely metallic blue with a glimmer of silver in it. It was one of those magnetic nail polishes, Massie had always seen them and wanted to try it out. Then she headed over to H&M to go pick up some stuff for Kris. She said she needed sweats or something for Soccer, so I picked her up a pair of green sweats for her, but I even picked up a purple pair for myself. Then I saw an ah-dorable pair of silk pajama bottoms in a pastel blue. I headed for the cash register and payed $40. Then I went to BCBG and found an ah-dorable purple wrap to put around me on cold days, I payed the $150 and walked across the street to where I was suppose to meet Issac.

I went home, asked my dad to hang up the hooks, put away my clothes and sat down to write this post in my new sweats, ahh, if only the PC were back.

Au Revoir,

My Little Darlings

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Field Trip Gone Wrong

Right now I’m seated on my fluffy white bed after a 2 hour long shower. Third one in a day. I have 3 candles surrounding me, taking the stink that sunk into my skin fly away. I’m surrounded by the fresh scent of lavender, lilac and rose. I release the stress and anger out of my fast typing fingers coated in Essie’s No Place Like Chrome, a dazzling metallic silver, the total opposite of how I feel

The Block Estate

Massie’s Bathroom

7:00 A.M. 

Massie was so not ready for the first day of school. Alicia was still in Spain with a tan crisis. Dylan was in L.A. partying it up with all the celebs, Kristen was  on her last day of soccer camp and Kuh-laire was in Ew-lando. Massie couldn’t believe the PC were having fun without her. Massie couldn’t enter OCD ah-lone on the very first day. That just wasn’t an option. Massie stared at herself in the mirror, she looked flawless, but she didn’t feel it. Without the Pretty Committee Massie was nothing. Even Kuh-laire has more of a social life then Massie. Could Massie call a bad sushi day? Out of the question, she was not going to miss the first day of school, no matter who, or who wasn’t by her side. OCD had just enforced a new rule, on the very first day of school, there was suppose to be a field trip, because apparently, the learning never stopped. Massie knew it would be glamorous, and the PC was missing it. 


7th Grade Homeroom 7C

8:37 A.M.

Massie sat in her seat, with empty seats surrounding her. She missed seeing Dylan’s new food obsession, Kristen’s soccer ball sitting beside her and even Kuh-laire’s navy keds. Massie hated the feeling of needing something, needing her friends. Massie had already gotten at least 15 compliments on her outfit in the last 37 minutes, but she did’t care. Massie pretended to take an urgent call from someone and try to nawt look like an LBR. 7 minutes had already gone by, and Massie had been stared at so many times, everyone wondering why she was alone. Where was her advisor? 7 minutes had passed and still no show. Massie felt to awkward, like going to a party wearing a glamorous dress, and seeing everyone else wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Finally, Mr. Newberry walked in . Thank Gawd! 

“Good morning girls. I’m your new teacher Mr. Newberry. Let’s skip all the introduction stuff and move right on to the field trip, because I know all you girls are excited about it! And the field trip is……………….”

Please let it be the mall, please let it be the mall, please let it be the mall Massie silently prayed. 

“The Sewage Plant!”


Massie screamed! How could this happen to her! Massie started hyperventilating,  this could nawt nawt nawt happen! 

Sewage Plant

Nasty Room

9:00 A.M.

Massie walked on the toes of her heels, as she walked into the most nasty smelling room she’d ever laid her Chanel perfume smelling wrists on. She smelt her wrists over and over again, but it wasn’t strong enough. She heard the teacher talking, but it was drowned out by the stench. Massie couldn’t believe this was happening. The whole hour through the water plant Massie wanted to vomit. Room my room the smell gradually got better as the water was cleaned, but Massie couldn’t erase the smell from her body. 9 times she had sprayed her perfume over, 7 times she had reapplied her scented hand sanitizer and 3 times she had reapplied her scented lotion. She got back to school, and just suffered the day with her nose filled with feces. 

The Block Estate

Massie’s Bathroom

4:00 P.M. 

Since the PC ah-viously didn’t have plans after school Massie took an hour bath, and after that a great smelling exfoliater.

4:30 Homework -Extra 30 mins without Kris 😦 

6:00 Dinner (Lamb-chops and Mashed potatoes with Escargot)

6:30 2 hour shower

8:30 Createed outfit for tomorrow

8:45 Gossip Girl Season Premiere

9:45 Blahg (No IM-ing, since the girls are ah-viously too busy)

10:30 Beauty Sleep

Au Revoir,

My Little Darlings

Todays Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=61286699

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